DISH Network vs DirecTV

There is a tough contest going on between Dish and DirecTV in the United States – but are there any differences in the services provided by these companies? Sometimes it can get a little confusing because the satellite TV industry is so fiercely competitive and misinformation abounds. 
When it comes to the digital TV offered by Dish vs DirecTV, in the end, it all comes down to the type of satellite TV programming you want and the packages that are available. 
There are some differences between the digital TV packages offered by Dish and DirecTV, however. This article will explore these differences and attempt to explain how you can make a decision based on what each company has to offer.

When signing up for a satellite TV package, both Dish and DirecTV offer new customers free equipment packages, including a satellite dish and a few digital receivers. System installation comes for free as well, and you may even get a few months of free digital programming on top of everything. 
With Direct TV you get free satellite receivers, and you don’t have to pay any upfront costs. With DISH Network you get free satellite receivers, but you don’t own them. And you have to pay a small upfront cost, which is later refunded as a rebate on your first service bill. As far as monthly service rates go, DISH Network and Direct TV are practically the same prices, but of course, the final cost depends on the programming package you end up selecting. 
For both providers, the installation times are comparable, at about 3-7 days for each company. DirecTV offers TiVo support, while Dish does not, although Dish does support their personal video recording (PVR). 
The DISH Network has included a lot of sports channels in their packages in that past few years and pretty soon, it would be able to compete for head-on with Direct TV. With regards to local channel coverage, both networks seem to satisfy their clients with their local television programming. Both DISH and Direct TV offers excellent coverage but have slight differences in per month subscription. 
If you’re going to subscribe to either of the two, you should also look at the cities that both networks have full coverage. DISH Network has access to some cities that Direct TV does not, and vice versa. 
Wherever they have access to, DISH and Direct TV can deliver an all-digital quality programming right to the subscribers’ homes, in airports, in restaurants, in hotels, in offices, in hospitals, and even inside airplanes and automobiles. 
Satellite TV comes with it other advanced or sophisticated equipment like digital video recorders or DVRs which allows you to pause and rewind the live program that you are watching. 
DVRs also can record any program that you want. For DISH Network subscribers, this additional equipment comes free with their packages while Direct TV charges a monthly fee to have the technology. 
Regarding quality of service, both networks offer a 12 month-warranty on all equipment starting on the day of activation. Both also boast of a 24-hour customer support line as well as professional and well-mannered customer and sales representatives. 

Now that you’re armed with this information, it’s time to take the next step. Whatever path you decide to take, both DISH Network and DirecTV offer excellent service. While you might see occasional complaints, you’ll find a massive group of loyal subscribers. 
Both companies offer local channels support, but this may change depending on the programming package you select. Be sure to check up on this before making a final decision and purchasing your television programming package. 
Both Dish network and DirecTV come with foreign language programming and have reputable customer service. If you have a problem with your service, it shouldn’t be difficult to get everything fixed in a short amount of time, and with the least amount of hassle possible. 
You can get digital video and audio services from both companies. The major variation between the two is that DirecTV only offers 250 channel choices, while Dish offers 500 channels from which to choose with an amazing selection of international channels. Although, Direct TV does have more channels that are HD capable. 
DirecTV offers certain sports programming that Dish can’t broadcast, such as specific sports channels including NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass (broadcasting almost every NFL game that’s played) and Yankee games.