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Entering Real Estate Careers: What You Need to Know

To become a recognized driver, you have to show your driving license. To audit a company, you need to certify yourself as a public accountant. To fly a plane, you have to take a pilot license. To sell a house in an agencies, you are required to get real estate licensing. Does it sounds ridiculous? Probably for some people it sounds so but it actually is the truth.

In United States, you need to have license to apply in a good realtors agencies as Tazar ( Realtors in general is known as someone who help house owner to sell their unit to customers, but it is more than just mediator of seller and buyer. Maybe because you never use their service or you just used their assistance for simply find a house but what they do is actually more than selling a house.


Realtors is required to be a professional in Boston. Around 8 million people live in Boston and all of them need house. Half of them are immigrants, making real estate becomes the most demanded assets. Real estate is a real competitive industry. Limited space and high amount of residents cause the price of properties high. Even more than high, the price is extremely and crazy expensive. Because the highness of price, people do not want to make a wrong decision with their housing. Thus, buying a home with a realtors becomes the right deal. Realtors will not only help their customers in finding a unit but also matching with their budget and needs, analyzing the value, and consultation to manage the unit in order to get future return. They have to meet the wish of both buyers and seller, they need to provide benefit for both parties, not only for themselves. No wonder to get a job in real estate industry needs the real estate licensing. This license is a kind of standards for applicants as United States needs a qualified realtors.

Generally, real estate careers are covering these selections:

• Brokerage

The most common brokerage career is residential brokerage. This is maybe what most people understand about realtors: help in buying and selling unit. Specialization of brokerage are in income-producing properties as office, shopping center, parking, and apartment. They can also deal with industries. They need to understand the manufacture, transportation, productions, taxation laws, and agricultural if they are a farm and land broker.

• Property management

Maintaining properties to gain high future benefit is their area. Entering this job will put you a responsible to protect the investment of your customer.

• Urban planning

By being an urban planner, you will find your job useful for nation. You will help in improving environment along with governments.

• Real estate counseling

As the name, your client will ask for advice from you as their consultant. As a counselor, you have to know the entire process of real estate business. Common things asked by customers are about productivity and future income.

• Land development

Subjectively, this is the most challenging job in real estate. Their task is to plan the building, including the financing and contracts about structure and construction.

• Appraisal

Because people wants to make investment with most benefit, they are using the assistance of realtors to know the properties’ value: book value, insurable value, rent value, and another value depends on the purpose of value calculation.

• Researcher

Real estate agencies’ need researcher to support other careers, from brokerage to appraisal. Researcher do studies to answer and help people as their service, and they are also working for the agencies to give knowledge about their productivity and development.

One of the good thing about real estate careers is they are not related to gender, both man and woman have the same opportunity to earn success in this major as long as they are hard-working and have ability to communicate, since the main key of successful realtor is interaction with buyers and sellers.

To get the license, you have to pass a written exam after completing some training from authorized real estate agencies. If you fail in your examination, you can do the examination again by paying prescribed fee. In Massachusetts, this license is valid for two years. After 24 months, realtor is required to renewal their expired certification by the verification satisfaction in completing continuing education. Seeing from its growth, some universities now have them as independent studies.

According to Forbes, real estate careers placed as the number one happiest job. So why don’t you prepare yourself to enter an agencies?