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3 Types of Dog Food-Which Is Best?


Dogs are great company. Apart from play and shelter, they deserve healthy food. However, the problem is that there is a lot of dog food out there. Deciding which one is healthiest is becoming a problem day by day.

Stores are full of a variety of dog food. Each one of them is produced differently. Since we care about our pets, we want the best for them, as they are important in our homes. You feel obligated to buy the best dog food if not guilt kills you when you see your friend refusing to eat. However, confusion arises when you cannot choose what to buy: air-dried, dehydrated or freeze-dried.

This has caused some people hell that they have decided to prepare meals for their pets. They use raw food, which is challenging. For one, it takes time prepping. Besides, it easily gets spoiled. Time is of the essence here. People are too busy to have time to prepare dog food that is why they go for ready-made food. This type of food is usually already dried for durability and it is cost friendly as well. Nevertheless, dried food has one disadvantage. There are many types in the market. The question remains: which one is the right one for your dog?


One thing to know is that dried dog food is different from raw. The drying process takes away some nutrients from the raw food. Again, dried foods are never the same. Each is unique in terms of content and even taste, considering the processes involved. However, there is one type of dried food that is similar to raw food. No alterations made to its nutrients: Chef’s Best Pet Food.

Here are the types of dog food


It undergoes heating at high temperatures as well as an exertion of high pressure. The process, of course, makes the food last a little longer, but it eliminates its essential components. Your dog will miss a lot and have little to gain from dried food.


As the name suggests, this food has no water. It is almost similar to dry dog food. The difference is the process involved in drying it. This one uses less heat compared to dry food, and no pressure is involved. Despite the heat destroying vitamins and other nutrients, the food is a bit better that the first option.


You can guess the process involved in making this type of dog food. It is what makes it very different from the other two types though all the three involve heating of some kind. First, food undergoes freezing which makes the moisture in it turn into solid. The next step involves placing the frozen food in the minimally heat chamber.

Here, the frozen moisture is converted into gas leaving the food dry. When you examine this process, you realize that it aims to keep the nutrients intact as much as it can. Direct drying destroys nutrients. That is why freeze-dried dog food has the most beneficial elements of all the three types of dog food. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and even taste of food remain the same.

Chef’s Best Pet Food is among the best freeze fried dog food. Your pet will love it considering its composition. What dog does not want food with turkey, chicken, carrots, beef and sweet potatoes? If you want to know more of the ingredients, just look at the packet when you buy Chef’s Best at the store.

This one thing will make you like freeze-dried dog food. You can hydrate it by simply adding water to it. As mentioned earlier, its nutrients, taste, and color are unaltered by the drying process.

Chef’s Best Pet brand is healthier, affordable and takes a little time to prepare. Your dog will be happy for buying it something as close as possible to raw food. Besides, the food is easily portable as it is light. This saves up space in your car especially if you have shopped in bulk. Besides, it is easier moving around with it alongside your dog. This way you keep it healthy and satisfied with high-quality food anytime.

Chef’s Best Pet gives you peace of mind. You have nothing to worry about. The quality of dog food will no longer be a concern because Chef’s Best Pet Food has you covered. You can never go wrong with the product.

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