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310 Shake Reviews: 310 vs. Vega One Meal Replacement Shakes


In the world of meal replacement shakes, there are several different types which are created for different and individual lifestyles. Many shakes are whey protein based, and these are not always suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, suffer from dairy allergies, or who lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. These hurdles are easy to avoid though, and some shakes are completely lactose and dairy free. 310 shake reviews set the basis for this article comparing 310 meal replacement shakes with Vega One Nutritional Shakes.

Both of these shakes make use of plant-based proteins, and when it comes to brands which are similar in content and purpose, they are two of the most closely matched. In my own opinion, 310 shakes are superior and I want to show you why I believe this to be true. I am going to run through each shake throughout this 310 shake review, and hopefully, highlight where these important differences are. So, if you are ready, let’s begin.

Serving Sizes: 310 Shake 27.7g; GNC Total Lean 46g. 

There is quite a large difference between the serving size of the 310 meal replacement shake and the Vega One Nutritional Shake. To make this a fair comparison of the two, I am rounding down the Vega One Nutritional Shake to 23g. This is half of the serving size they state, but it also makes the two serving sizes very similar. Therefore, it becomes easier to see how they weigh up next to each other gram for gram.

Protein & Sugar Per Serving

310 Shake: 310 meal replacement shakes contain 15g of their Tri-Plex plant-based protein, which is made from Hemp, Pea, and Brown rice protein. The shakes are also free from sugar and sweetened with Stevia leaf extract. And according to 310 shake reviews, they still taste great. 

Vega One Nutritional Shake: At the original serving size, the brand boasts of having 20g of plant-based proteins. However, when you half that to a similar serving size to the 310 meal replacement shakes, you realize that it is lacking at just 10g per serving.  It only has 0.5g of sugar at the half serving size.

At first glance, the Vega One Nutritional Shake appears to contain more protein. Once you even out the serving sizes though, you realize that it actually has much less protein than the 310 shake does. For this reason, 310 is clearly a better source of plant-based protein.


Fiber Per Serving

310 Shake: Each serving of the 310 meal replacement shake contains 5g of body-boosting dietary fiber.

Vega One Nutritional Shake: you will receive 4g of fiber per half serving of the Vega One shake.

Both brands provide ample levels of fiber per serving. However, when you look at them side by side, it is easy to see that the 310 meal replacement shakes contain more fiber per gram than the Vega One Nutritional Shake does. 

Probiotics & Antioxidants Per Serving

310 Shake: 310 shakes provide 1 billion lactobacillus probiotics with each serving, which are fantastic at helping keep gut health in perfect condition. The greens-blend of 14 organic superfoods provides plenty of antioxidants to keep the body clear from free radicals and oxidative stresses.

Vega One Nutritional Shake: The Vega One Nutritional Shake also comes with 1 billion probiotics per serving. However, we need to halve this to fit with the comparative serving size.

Again, the 310 shakes provide double the number of probiotics when compared to the Vega One Nutritional Shake. If you were to double to 310 shakes serving size to that of the original Vega One shake, there would be 2 billion probiotics per serving.

Vitamins & Minerals Per Serving

310 Shake: There are 20 essential vitamins and minerals in a 310 shake, which consist of 50% of your daily recommended values.

Vega One Nutritional Shake: Also has 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

When it comes to the vitamin and mineral content, both of the shakes are evenly matched. This means that both of them provide optimal nutrition per serving.

Servings Per Container

310 Shake: With each container of the 310 meal replacement shakes, you receive 28 servings.

Vega One Nutritional Shake: There are 38 half servings in the Vega One shakes, or 19 full servings.

310 Shake Reviews: Conclusion

Both of these plant-based nutrition shakes provide plenty of gut-friendly health benefits, lots of hunger-quenching fiber, and are neck and neck in vitamin and mineral content. The thing that places 310 on top is that each gram of the shake is more nutritionally-dense and favorably-balanced than the Vega One Nutritional Shakes.