A Fathers Tribute to Your Dad


Let’s forget about all this happy fathers day meme and start working for something more meaningful. With fathers day around the corner all we happy fathers day meme, the concept of happy fathers day meme is so cliché.

Every year we celebrate Fathers Day. It’s the one day set aside for us to honor and remember our Dads, as well as other men in our lives who have made a significant impact on us. For many the same questions seem to arise year and after year: “What do I get for a man who seems to have everything?” I remember having that struggle on what I should get my Dad for Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc.

If you are like many children and spouses, this is a real frustration when you want to surprise Dad with the perfect gift. I have a recommendation for those who might have struggled with this mindset of thinking you had to buy something for the occasion.

Over the years, I have noticed unique characteristics that men have in common: the drive that most men have is motivated from the respect we desperately seek. Men will live out their motivation desperate to achieve success in areas such as sports, assets, job titles, positions and even through their children’s lives.

A lot of men feel isolated, as they have come to believe that to be a “real man,” you should not share emotions or feelings, and especially not with your family. As they continue to internalize their isolation, they often drift into a state of loneliness that often ends at a destination of not feeling worthy.

Though there are some considerations; it is possible to make this Fathers Day the best yet! Here are a few ways to honor Dad without spending any money.

Honor your Dad and let him know how proud you are to have him as your father.

Write a hand-written letter sharing how much you respect the sacrifices he has made, or the importance of special moments the two of you have shared. If you didn’t have a nurturing relationship with your Dad, honor him anyway. I know there are many people who either grew up without a Dad or without a nurturing relationship.

Affirm your Dad.

Ask him to share with you the three biggest days in his life. This will also encourage him to remember his important accomplishments. As you listen intently, you will see excitement surface as he shares special moments in his life of battles won or mountains climbed. Tell him how proud you are of him and what he means to you. Make sure you end with a hug, hand shake or kiss, which allows him to feel your love.

Spend Time with him if possible.

Participate with him in his definition of fun which may include sitting in the back yard, playing a game, a round of golf, (even if you don’t like golf), working in the yard, boating, fishing, or building something together with your hands in the garage. Remember, this day is about your Dad and making it a day of fun for him. The goal is to create special moments between you and Dad.

You show your love to your Dad through words and actions and by cherishing the moments God has given you and your Dad. Realize your Dad is a direct gift from God and won’t be with you during your whole life. Some leave earlier than others but the fact is they will not always be around.

Understand that the role of our Dad is to provide guidance, provision, and protection; to lead us from childhood into adulthood. In Proverbs, Solomon states the importance of a father by writing, “Listen my sons, to a fathers instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.” “Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.”

As a Dad leads his children and instructs them in numerous areas of their lives, he is living out the plan God intends for us as children to receive. We are encouraged to guard the wisdom from them as it provides the foundation of our lives.