BE The Code Podcast is Back for Season 2

BE The Code podcast is back for Season 2 and we have interviews from some of the best and brightest in tech and e-commerce. Check out these amazing interviews below:

Leandrew Robinson

Founder of Hingeto, a company that partners with athletes to help them build their brands through retail and merchandising, talks about his partnership with business partner Marshawn Lynch and his path to e-commerce success.

Jason Mayden

Founder of Super Heroic, a company that creates children’s play and sports clothing designed to entertain, delight, and surprise every child, talks about why he would rather create strong children than fix broken adults. Mayden is a former lead designer for Brand Jordan.

Roshell Rinkins

Founder of Liquid Courage, a makeup brand that inspires women to be authentically bold, talks supply chain and what makes a great cosmetic product. In addition to being a founder, Rinkins also works full time as global supply manager of Procurement at Apple

Julian Eison

Founder of Eison Triple Thread, an Honest Luxury fashion house that produces made-to-measure menswear, talks about why technology is imperative when providing men with a custom wardrobe solution.

This season is powered by eBay.