Beauty of the Future: One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes

Confession: I’m not the BIGGEST eyelash aficionado. It’s not that I don’t want to be — it’s just that I wasn’t blessed with an amazing set of thick lashes. They’ve got a little length, which I appreciate, but they’re hopelessly thin and stick straight. So I’ve generally kept my eyelash routine to a quick swipe of mascara and moved on with my life, convinced you just can’t teach pigs to fly. (Or eyelashes to grow in long and thick.) 

I did have a brief season of hope when my friend introduced me to eyelash extensions. I’d heard a few not-so-savory stories about what eyelash extensions can do to your natural lashes, but adamantly refused to believe they could be all that bad. I mean, I was finally about to have the eye fringe of my dreams — I wasn’t about to let a few bad reviews stand in my way. I made an appointment. 

Yep, I was pretty gleeful walking out of that salon. And pretty gleeful for a few months after that. Not only did I find myself flirting more, I found myself skipping other parts of my makeup routine because I could just let my eyelashes do all the talking. I loved it. 

But eyelash extensions for your average girl are not cheap—you have to refill them every couple of weeks to keep them looking full and natural—and the cost of those sessions did start to add up. I found myself having to cut back on other things, like going out with friends. What’s the point of having long lashes if you can’t show them off? 

Okay, the cost was not ideal for my bank account, but I would have continued on with extensions if they didn’t make my natural lashes fall out! I repeat: eyelash extensions made my eyelashes fall out. Like regular adhesive falsies, eyelash extensions are glued to your natural lashes. Makes sense that having extra lashes always glued on wouldn’t be healthy. Panic ensued. As soon as I realized what was happening, I canceled my next extension appointment and vowed never to go back. 

I’m relieved to report that my natural lashes are growing in again. But as was the case before I used extension, they’re still on the lackluster side. That’s why I’m pretty happy I discovered One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes.

Check this out — these false eyelashes use small, lightweight magnets, instead of glue. That’s right — One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes affix themselves to your natural lashes through the humble (but pretty terrific) magic of magnets. And you know what no more glue means? No more eyelashes falling out. Can I get an ‘Amen’? 

Here’s a quick rundown of these little lash game-changers:

– The magnet thing is confusing, so I’ll break it down for you. Instead of one strip of lashes, you actually get two. The top strip goes on top of your lashes and the bottom strip goes on the underside. Both of the strips are magnetized, so they connect together — sandwiching your natural lashes in between. 

– Learning how to apply One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes takes a little time — especially if you’re all thumbs, like me. You can use your fingers or the applicator that’s included in the package, but you do have to line them up pretty precisely so that they look even. Yep, you’re definitely going to want to practice a few times before taking them out for a spin on a Saturday night.  

– They don’t budge. At all. Seriously, I wore these babies all day and when I checked myself out in my rearview mirror on my drive home — they were exactly where I left them.  

– The best way to take them off at the end of the night is by pushing the magnets in opposite directions so they demagnetize. Don’t pull them straight off, as you can end up pulling out some of your own lashes with them. And we’re trying to preserve our lashes here, remember?  

– One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes come in a variety of styles, so you can choose which set you want depending on the look you’re going for: 

  • Original 
  • Enhanced 
  • Bold 
  • Extra Bold 

You can also try One Two Cosmetics Half Lashes, which simply accent the outer corners of your eyes. 

– Each case of One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes costs about $69, so it’s definitely an investment. But keep in mind — you do get two full sets of eyelashes per package and you get to wear and re-wear them.  

– You can wear One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes with or without mascara. Personally, I think a little mascara completes the look. But be sure to let it dry before you apply the lashes — you don’t want to end up with a gunky mess on your nice, new lashes. 

– Keeping them clean can help extend the quality of your lashes. One Two Cosmetics offers a specialized cleanser to keep them in tip-top condition.

One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes — The Takeaway 

I’m into them. The idea of finally having thick lashes without the risk of extensions restores my faith in the world. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but — wearing them really is a lot of fun.