Choosing the Best Plus Size Bikini for Your Body Type


Curvy ladies now have more swimwear options than they’ve ever had and these options are still growing as the days go by. This is good news for women with big bodies. Ironically, having too many options can be a disadvantage in disguise on its own. With numerous options, choosing which plus size bikini to purchase becomes a more difficult decision. If there was ever a first world problem, this is it. 

Outlined herein is a quick guide to choosing the right plus size bikini for your body. Hopefully, make a choice will now be relatively easier.

But first things first

Before shopping for swimwear, know what qualities to look for. Here are the simple plus size bikini choosing tips you should always have in mind.

1. Support – No matter how big your boobs are, a little support never hurts! For women with large busts, support is important. If you have a large bosom, ensure that you’re choosing swimwear with the right kind of support. Underwire swimsuits offer support similar to that of a bra. Halter tops are less structured alternatives.

2. Colors and patterns – Black is always slimming, but ladiesshouldn’tlimit their color palette in this regard. If black is what you’re most comfortable in, that’s fine, but try not to ignore the colors or patterns completely. 

3. Fashion and trends – What style works for you? Would you prefer something fashion forward and trendy, or comfortable and size-appropriate? Hopefully you can find a combination of all those things! But when push comes to shove,choosing a plus size bikinithat fits is your best bet for a good time out in the sun.

Find a plus size bikini that flatters your shape

In order to find a swimsuit that you feel great in, you should know what styles flatter which shapes and size. For example, a tiny string bikini is not ideal for someone with a large bust, but if that floats your boat, go right ahead.

Triangle/pear body shape 

This is for those ladies with relatively smaller bosoms and shoulders in relation to their hips, thighs and lower body in general. If you fall into this category, then you have a triangle body shape. Other fashion designers describe this as the pear body shape. 

Next time your shopping for a bikini, focus on the upper body to showcase symmetry. They say that symmetry is beautiful. The first step in drawing attention to your upper body is by picking the right colors. I would suggest picking a plus size bikini with bright colors. Complement it with a darker overshadowed color at the bottom.

Your other option is to go for a bikini with a halter-neck. These tops are ideal for drawing eyes to your torso – more so the shoulders. You will have highlighted the shoulders effectively introducing symmetry. 

For the ladies with pear body shape, either go with a brightly colored monokini or get a skirtini-tankini combo. Remember to choose colors appropriately.

Hourglass body shape 

This is for curvy ladies whose bust and hip measurements are similar, with a smaller waist. This shape is comparable to a figure “8” shape. Count yourself lucky if you fall into this body type category. You will look good in just about anything. However, if you’re here to capitalize on your body shape, go with something that highlights your waist. Ideally, go for bikinis that emphasize on your waist.

Upside-down triangle body shape 

Curvy ladies with relatively narrow waists and hips compared to their bosoms fall into this category. Fashion designers refer to this as the apple body shape. If you fall into this category, you will choose swimwear with one goal – to draw attention to your lower body. You want to ensure that your bosom gets as much support as possible. Go for swim dresses or swimsuits with prints on all sides. You will look really good.

Rectangle body shape

This is for the curvy ladies whose waists, shoulders and hips are almost aligned. If you fall into this category, you will be choosing swimwear with one goal in mind – creating an illusion that you have a relatively smaller waist. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by choosing swimwear with belts at the waistline. In addition to this, you could also go for V-necks, bosons or even swimsuits with optical illusions printed on them.

Rounded body shape

This is the type of lady with relatively smaller shoulders and hips with a round waist complementing their look. Your best bet is in swimwear with darker solid colors at the bottom and a patterned top. Look at the Bolson swimsuits and the baby-doll swimsuits too. They tend to work better for curvy ladies with fuller shoulders.

Remember: Even after picking the most appropriate body shape, you’re not yet ready for show time. You need to be confident in yourself. Start by putting on something comfortable and it will be easier staying confident.