Dua Lipa sang with power of two voices in one Malaysia show

The story goes that when Dua Lipa was a kid, a primary school teacher had told her she couldn’t sing because she couldn’t hit the high notes. On Thursday  night’s (May 3) concert at KL Live in Kuala Lumpur, Lipa sang as if her teacher was in the audience and she was determined to prove her wrong.

And boy, did she! The 22-year-old singer-songwriter not only managed to hit the high notes, she had a cannon of a voice, firing explosive vocals our way throughout the night.

Organised by IME Asia, Lipa was in town to give her first solo concert in the country (she performed as part of music festival Good Vibes in Genting Highlands last August), as part of her world tour to promote her self-titled 2017 debut release.

Thumping drum beats and heavy background music often drown out the voices of even the best singers but not Lipa’s. On uptempo hits like Blow Your Mind (Mwah) and Be The One, her voice had a rich, booming quality that could be heard clearly even when she’s accessing her lower register.

Still, it’s during quieter moments like the piano-driven ballads Garden and Homesick where audiences got to witness Lipa’s voice in all its glory.

Lipa has that kind of voice you get when you’re down with a really bad cold. It’s this beautiful husky, sultry tone you can’t get enough of.

Dua Lipa’s powerful voice was the highlight of the night. Photo: Chris Chew

“I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have your support. Thank you for bringing me to the other side of the world. I appreciate all of you,” she said midway through the concert. Gosh, even in her speaking voice that sexy rasp could be heard.

My sense of wonderment for the British singer’s voice has to do with the fact that prior to the concert, I was only familiar with her international hit New Rules. The EDM-infused track, catchy as it may be, does nothing for her voice.

Listening to her voice in a live setting was like seeing the full picture for the first time after realising you’ve been looking at only a small piece of the puzzle all this time.

Regardless, the audience went wild when she performed the song that shot her to stardom at the end of her 80-minute set.

But even on lesser-known tracks, Lipa has such a fun and infectious body of work that audiences could immediately get into. Begging, Genesis, Lost In Your Light and Hotter Than Hell had the audience grooving and bopping their heads while Thinking ‘Bout You and No Goodbyes oozed romance and sentimentality.

Ultimately though, it didn’t really matter what she sang. Lipa’s powerful voice was the highlight of the night.

It’s fitting for her to be named Dua then, for she has the power of two voices in one.

Lipa’s powerful voice was the highlight of the night

Dua Lipa has a fun and infectious body of work that audiences could immediately get into. Photo: Chris Chew