Essential Hacks To sufficiently Prepare You For LSAT

Law School Admission Test is usually the main barrier for anyone aspiring to join a law school. Passing this test is a dream come true to any student aspiring to be a lawyer. There have been numerous propagated myths about LSAT by some people. They will say how difficult it is to pass the test, but this is not true. If many have passed the exam, what should stop you?

The LSAT preparation may include different approaches. You may study on your own and still do very well or take a class or hire a private tutor. But whichever methods that you select, commitment and discipline are a must.

Things you need to know about LSAT

  • It’s administered 4 times a year at approved centres in the US, Canada and globally.
  • It lasts for hours, but it has short breaks
  • The test comes into two sections- sample writing and multiple choice section, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension sections.
  • Student must register 3-4 weeks before exam day.
  • Preparations should be done at least two to three months before the student sit for exam
  • Passing the test will land you an admission to any of the ABA-accredited law schools in the world.

To pass this exam with a single shot, you’ve to be very smart, particularly with your LSAT prep. Here are methods that have been tested and found to work very well in preparing for the test. Try any of these or combine a number of them and you will see magic.

1. Taking classes

This is by far the most effective way of preparing for LSAT. The class will give you that feel and an environment for studying. The best thing about taking classes is that you might find other students preparing for the same. Being in a group setting will make it easy to study together and share ideas. You might also find students who are better in some areas that you have a problem cracking. Just make sure that you have a trained instructor. This is the only way that you will be able to excel in the test. Your problem-solving techniques will be improved in a class setting.

2. Private Tutoring

If you need a personalized training, this is the best option that you should go for. The best thing about the private tutor is that you will not be sharing the attention with anyone else. With this approach of LSAT prep, you will be able to concentrate on areas where you are having difficulty with. This is something that may not be enjoyed in a class setting. As the student, you will have full control of your time, and thus you can organize yourself. If you are a working class, you can create in the evening for private classes. Make sure that the private tutor has the necessary experience in LSAT tutoring.

3. Take practice test

Don’t prepare blind. You need to know what you are preparing for and this is only through the practice exam. Get copies of previous tests and study them. You need to know how the questions are framed and how you should answer the questions. If you can get previously LSAT papers the better. With such papers, you can compare and try to understand the sequence of the questions, the fertile areas where questions are likely to come from and other factors. With such papers, you will not be surprised by the real one during exam day.

4. Study on your own

Self-study is another great way to prepare for LSAT. It’s one of the preparation approaches that give you freedom to manage your time. Just like the having a private tutor, you will be able to concentrate on areas that you are a week. You will be able to assess yourself and get work on your weakness. It works best when combining with test papers.

5. Attend a seminar or webinar

These are platforms the provide opportunities of what LSAT experts have to say. They will give you tips on how to pass, and this is likely to boost your self-confidence before setting for the exam.

Best LSAT prep tools

The methods mentioned above require time and dedication. But some tools can help you hasten your preparations.

They include:

  • LSAT app- down onto your phone
  • Join LSAT forums for discussions with other students
  • Blogs offering LSAT preparation tips
  • Buy a comprehensive LSAT preparation books.