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Get With the Times – Here’s What Your Meal Replacement Shake Should Have


People are always looking for innovative solutions for weight loss. Through continued research and improvement on available solutions, new and even more effective solutions have been born. Meal replacement shakes are a product of research and improvement of protein powders used a few years back. The new generation shakes are way different from the traditional ones. Even though they work differently, though, just like the traditional ones they are primarily designed to help with weight loss. Below we take a look at the new generation shakes, how they work, and how different they are from earlier versions.


About “new generation” weight loss shakes

New generation shakes are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They are also low in calories. This makes them more effective than the traditional ones. A single pack contains considerably fewer calories but is filling enough to substitute an entire meal!

The new generation shakes are also much richer. In most cases, they contain more nutrients that you would find in the modern diet. They also come with a high protein content to give you adequate energy to get you through the day! The new versions do not come with whey or soy proteins. Instead, manufacturers have made use of nature’s best plant-based proteins such as pea and hemp proteins. These ingredients enhance the shakes’ digestibility and deliver much better results when compared to the traditional ones.

You will find that many of the new shakes also come with vegetable blends. The work of these shakes, therefore, goes beyond weight loss. They also act as immune boosters and provide a good percentage of the minerals required to keep your body healthy.

Most modern shakes contain minimal to zero sugar. To ensure that the shakes still taste great, natural sweeteners such as stevia are used. The end product is, therefore, a healthy and wholesome shake that works to help you lose weight and safeguard your health and general wellbeing.

How the modern shakes work

Just like the traditional shakes, modern meal replacement shakes are primarily designed to help with weight loss. Thanks to their low amount of calories, you can take them once or twice a day as part of your weight loss diet. Ideally, these shakes should replace an entire meal. On the days that you exercise, you can take the shake as your post-workout snack. Just be careful and ensure that you do not exceed your daily dose.

Since the shakes are supposed to replace an entire meal, they are also designed to be nourishing. They contain most if not all the nutrients needed by the body for optimal performance and health.

Modern shakes also contain appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters. This means that when you take these shakes, you will be less likely to get hungry in between meals or overeat when it’s time to have your meals. Metabolism boosters on the other hand work to increase the body’s metabolism. With a higher metabolism, your body will burn more calories at any given time and this can only mean that you get to your ideal weight much faster!

What else you need to get results

You will need more than just meal replacement shakes to get to your ideal weight. While it is true that these shakes work, you will not get any tangible results if you do not make major changes in your life. Start by ditching all those unhealthy foods you are accustomed to. Make your food at home so you know what goes into every meal. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be hectic. You can make your weekly meals in a single day and freeze them in daily portions.

You also need to stay active. An active body burns more calories. You will also gain more muscle when you stay active and this will further increase your ability to burn calories. Anything from a short walk to taking the stairs will work fine. Just stay active for a few hours every day.

One more thing you need is to stay positive. The weight loss journey has never been easy and the right attitude will get you through the tough times. As long as you remain positive, you will get to the weight you want no matter how much you have to work or sacrifice in order to get there!