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How Exactly Does Vitapulse Antioxidant Work?

Vitapulse Antioxidant

VitaPulse is an advanced antioxidant formula that helps to support a healthy heart and the circulatory system. The supplement is a Product of Princeton Nutrients, a company located in the United States of America. The product is promoted by Dr. Arash Bereliani, who is a highly rated Beverly Hills doctor. It achieves its importance by targeting the harmful free radicals within the body that can lead to greater effects of aging and an increased risk of disease. The supplement has three powerful antioxidants that deliver a much needed advanced support required to combat the many heart health dangers and temptations by dealing with daily stress, foods and habits. The following are the benefits addressed and supported by VitaPulse by targeting the harmful free radicals:

  • Improves and control cholesterol levels
  • Protect the body against cellular damage
  • Reduce heart inflammation
  • Maintain healthy cardiovascular functionality
  • Creates and regrows mitochondria in cells.
  • Improves cellular energy
  • Improves sleep and reduces anxiety

Heart disease is responsible for a staggering 1 out of 4 deaths across The United States and is therefore number one killer in the country. VitaPulse entry into the market offers a daily nutritional supplement that seeks to reduce the risk of contracting the heart disease and high cholesterol. This is achieved by the boosted rate of growth of the energy factories within cells (the mitochondria)

How VitaPulse Works 

Typical antioxidant supplements use common antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E and folic acid. VitaPulse, however, takes a different approach since it utilizes added advanced antioxidant formulas (NAC, PQQ and Coq10). VitaPulse works properly because of the health benefits of its ingredients. The following is a brief overview of each of the ingredients:

N-Acetyl Cystein (NAC) 

This is derived from the amino acid I-cysteine. It acts as a protein building block. NAC has been labeled as “possibly effective” at reducing one symptom of heart disease: homocysteine levels. The levels should be controlled since they are a risk factor to heart disease. NAC may also be an effective cancer prevention tool as well as a precursor to glutathione, according to recent research. It also deals with chest pain, bronchitis, COPD, kidney disease, among other ailments.

Parroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) 

PQQ has been shown to have a huge potential in reducing the size of damaged areas of the heart, thereby reducing the risk of an acute heart attack. It works as a super-powered antioxidant. PQQ has not indicated any preventive heart health benefits however, and it appears to help the heart after an heart attack instead. It is also said to support brain and nerve health by preventing the oxidative damage of the nervous system hence maintaining its cognitive function.


Studies and research have provided conflicting results about the heart health benefits of CoQ10. Some studies suggest that it boosts metabolism, while others indicate that it might have no benefits at all. In the anti- aging skin cream community however, CoQ10 is one of the important ingredients.


Judging the Effectiveness of VitaPulse 

Attempting to review VitaPulse has a lot of challenges. The statements given are highly subjective to the individual, and the results vary from user to user. There are many VitaPulse reviews available online though, which may be helpful if you’re curious to learn how it has worked for others.

Further, each capsule contains 250mg of NAC, which is the most scientifically- verified ingredient within the supplement. The highest dosage of NAC should be 1200mg per day according to studies. But since VitaPulse is only a supplement, its users should take care to include other sources of NAC and other ingredients into their daily diet.


VitaPulse Ingredients Information 

Princeton Nutrients lists full ingredients information at the official VitaPulse sales page. Each capsule contains the following:


N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)…………250mg


Each container contains 30 capsules and you take one capsule per day to support your overall health.

How to Buy VitaPulse 

The supplement is available on the Princeton Nutrients website and can be bought as part of three different packages (as of June 2017). The packages are:

1 bottle: @ $49 + $6.95 shipping

3 bottles: @ $127 + free shipping

6 bottles: @ $235 + free shipping

There is a generous 90- day money back guarantee, which will refund the entire cost of your purchase. Shipping costs are not refundable though. The company can be contacted at 866-427-3019 or emailing