Living landscapes: Five residential gardens

1. Charles House garden by Bush Projects

Featuring eclectic combinations of plant species, this garden in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is an immersive space full of diversity and delight. Too often in landscape architecture the animate nature of plants is forgotten. But here, plant “material” is treated like any other in service of a spatial and textural design intent. More…

2. Fairfield House by Kennedy Nolan and Sam Cox Landscape

Fairfield House by Kennedy Nolan in collaboration with Sam Cox Landscape. Image: 

Derek Swalwell

Winner: 2016 Houses Awards: Outdoor category
A sequence of small and robust interventions connects house to garden to river, allowing the occupant to reconnect to the place in a way that has long been lost. A bushland is re-created in a place that is characteristically a cottage garden – one can wander, bathe, get warm by the fire and float above the river. More…
3. Cubo Rear garden by Phooey Architects and Simon Ellis Landscape Architects

Shortlist: 2014 Houses Awards: Outdoor catgory

Cubo Rear Garden by PHOOEY Architects + Simon Ellis Landscape Architect. Image: 

Peter Bennetts

A small child-friendly garden filled with as many interesting and sustainable features as any large garden. The project applies the surrealist technique of “Cubomania” to catalogue, re-use and re-invent the demolished building materials. A diversity of materials are strategically interwoven to enable function, fun, tranquillity and flexible transition between inside & outside. More…

4. Bungalow Garden Rooms by Myers Ellyett and Dan Young Landscape Architect

Bungalow Garden Rooms: The entry courtyard is a mix of shades of grey and green that highlights various foliage textures, with a ground layer of travertine pavers over sandstone river pebbles. Image: 

Cathy Schusler

A series of diverse, textural and dynamic “garden rooms” are the result of a close collaboration between architect Myers Ellyett and landscape architect Dan Young and celebrate a life lived outdoors. In subtropical Brisbane, the average top temperature in the two coldest months of the year – June and July – is a balmy twenty degrees Celsius. More…

5. Towers Road Residence by TCL

Towers Road Residence by TCL. Image: 

John Gollings

TCL says: The Towers Road garden fosters a ‘sense of embrace’ — a poetic garden of ‘structured chaos.’ This has emerged via a collaborative journey with the architect and client. More…

Residential gardens or landscapes is a category in the annual Houses Awards. The 2018 Awards close on 16 March. Enter your project here.