Career Path

Moving from CIO to corporate board requires a change in thinking

Frank Modruson was a partner at Accenture for 16 years when he became CIO of Accenture for another 11 years. Since then, he has served on several corporate boards for publically traded or private companies, including First Midwest Bancorp, Forsythe Technology, LANDAUER, and Zebra Technologies. 

My readership tends to be hungry for stories about CIOs on corporate boards — and Frank and I go way back — so I asked him to talk about his experience.


What was your introduction to board experience?

Back when I was at Accenture, I was interested in getting into board work. When Accenture formed a joint venture with GE Aviation, they put together a board. I told the executives who were involved in the joint venture that I was interested in board service. One thing led to another, and I was appointed to the board where I served from 2013 to 2015. The company was Taleris, which provided predictive analytics technology to airlines and cargo carriers. During my second year on the Taleris board, I retired from Accenture and changed my resume from a CIO resume to a board resume.