Nokia phones survey says putting your phone down this Christmas is the best gift for your loved ones

  • We’d pay, on average, £2,832 for 24 hours of undisturbed time with family and friends this Christmas
  • The biggest gripe for six in ten Brits is people on their phones at the dinner table
  • Nokia smartphones reminds us what’s really important this festive season, the gift of you

London, 22 December 2017: It’s official, ‘All they want for Christmas is you’ – stuck for a Christmas present idea this year? Running out of time? Don’t fret, as a new gift index reveals all the nation want this Christmas is the ‘gift of you’.

In the UK alone, the global research, conducted by HMD, the home of Nokia phones, reveals Brits would spend an average of £2,832 for 24 hours of undisturbed time with family and friends this Christmas.

HMD Human Wrapping

Topping the UK gift index, almost a quarter of Brits (23%) cited they wanted quality time with their loved ones followed by money (15%), a bottle of good alcohol (5%), clothes (3%) and books (3%).

Despite this, and the fact Christmas is one of the few times of the year when everyone gets together, it seems that Brits are unable to put their phones away, especially over the festive lunch. Over a quarter (26%) admit to having their phones out at the dinner table, with the most popular reasons being taking photographs (63%).

The Nokia smartphones research, which polled 11,000 people across the globe, including 1000 British adults, also revealed:

  • Over half of Brits (52%) think it’s rude to use the phone at the table
  • Brits say people on their phones at the table is their biggest gripe (63%)
  • Almost six in ten (58%) Brits would like their families to turn their phones off this Christmas
  • One in five Brits (20%) wish they could switch off their phones guilt free
  • Nearly a fifth (19%) never turn their phones off

This Christmas, Nokia smartphones has launched a bold new campaign called ‘be the gift’ – which encourages everyone to switch off their phones this festive season and spend quality time with their friends and family. The campaign also features a tongue in cheek ‘how to gift-wrap yourself guide’, showing how you can literally ‘be the gift’ for your loved ones.

In addition, the study also revealed the ways that mobile technology does help families who are not together at Christmas to stay in touch:

  • Over a quarter (26%) of Brits are part of a family WhatsApp group
  • A third of Brits (33%) said they would prefer to talk on the phone with family that they can’t be with during the festive season, above any other form of communication

Executive Vice President, Pekka Rantala, from HMD, the home of Nokia phones, says; “We bring the world closer together by uniting people with premium and affordable technology that is engineered for everyday life and built to last – just like relationships. This holiday season, we want to remind people, all people really want for Christmas is the gift of you.

“It’s rare for a phone company to say switch off, but we are taking a brave step and that declaring nothing, not even our own products, match the gift of a loved ones’ time. With almost one in five admitting they never turn off their phones, it’s time to say – give them a rest, turn off and truly value living in the moment.”

The Nokia phones ‘be the gift’ campaign can be viewed here:

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1,000 UK adults were surveyed by OnePoll, December 2017, 11,000 globally

Gift of quality time came top in 11 countries:
UK (23%), China (42%), Columbia (40%), France (27%), Germany (32%), Italy (28%), Mexico (40%), Poland (28%), Russia (43%), Sweden (30%), Finland (21%)

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Top 10 list of best gifts to receive this Christmas:

  1. The gift of quality time with a loved one (undisturbed by their phone) (23%)
  2. Money (15%)
  3. Bottle of good alcohol (5%)
  4. Clothes (3%)
  5. Book (3%)
  6. Watch (3%)
  7. Expensive jewellery (3%)
  8. Computer console (2%)
  9. Gift vouchers for a restaurant (2%)
  10. Spa vouchers (2%)

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