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The ABCs of a singular global IT architecture

When Chad Couch joined Brightstar as CIO in 2014, the business was organized by region, with IT resources reporting directly to regional leaders and each regional IT department autonomous in terms of IT investment and management decisions.

Six months later, the $10 billion wireless services provider, appointed a new CEO, Jaymin Patel, who began reorienting the company and its go-to-market strategy around the customer.

“As a result of our rapid regional growth, which included multiple acquisitions, Brightstar had too many applications,” says Couch. “But from the beginning, our new CEO was emphatic about his expectation in delivering value to customers through technology and innovation. This presented the perfect opportunity to reinvent IT. As a company — and as an IT organization — it became think ‘customer first’ in everything we do.”


Chad Couch, CIO, Brightstar

For Couch and his team, the “customer first” mindset all started with redefining the IT strategy and architecture to prioritize the customer experience across the portfolio of Brightstar services and not building one-off solutions.