Career Path

The CIO with a digital business P&L

What is digital leadership? Ask a different CIO; get a different answer. Digital leadership can mean anything from developing products, to modernizing the stack, to changing the culture.

When I asked Justin Mennen, CIO and chief digital officer (CDO) of CompuCom, what digital leadership means to him, he told me about CompuCom’s new digital business unit, how he is elevating the digital experiences of his customers, and his P&L leadership role.

How do you define your role at CompuCom?

I function both as the CIO, leading our technology services organization, and as the CDO and leader of our CompuCom Digital business unit. We launched the new digital business in 2017 to help our customers drive innovation and digital transformation.


Justin Mennen, CIO and CDO of CompuCom

The Technology Services organization is responsible for delivering, maintaining and enhancing our internal technologies, which support CompuCom associates and our customers. That group is a key business partner for our business functions and is focused on the systems that run CompuCom.

In the CompuCom Digital business unit, we identify and deliver new opportunities for our customers through innovation, modern services and technology. This is a customer-focused, revenue-generating group. 

Technology Services and CompuCom Digital are completely separate, although they do collaborate to develop and deliver new customer offerings.

How did you wind up in this dual role?

I joined CompuCom in September 2016 with the initial charter of modernizing and transforming the technology organization. At the time, CompuCom Digital did not exist. My team and I spent a lot of time talking to CompuCom’s customers and showcasing our internal technology capabilities. Through those conversations, we had substantial success in driving a “digital first” mindset with our external customers and within CompuCom. 

As an executive team, we stepped back and realized that we were helping customers with digital transformation in many ways, and it made sense to bring “digital” together in one focused organization with its own P&L. Our core business units, such as End-User Enablement, Service Experience Management and Cloud Technology Services, were each driving innovation with CompuCom customers, but we saw an opportunity to reach across all of our different businesses and pull all of that innovation together within one business that focuses on enhancing our services.