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Ways to Enhance Good Gut Bacteria Naturally


Good gut bacteriaThe digestive system hives a lot of bacteria but this should not raise anybody’s hairs because it necessary for proper digestion and rids the digestive system of any discomforts. Any imbalance in this good bacteria however may cause bloating, gas and constipation. To avoid running into such discomforts one has to ensure a balance of this good gut bacteria. The most efficient way of avoiding bloating and gas is by creating a conducive environment necessary for the survival of good bacteria. There are several ways to enhance good gut bacteria as discussed below:

Probiotic supplements

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are already made and one only needs to ingest them, taking probiotic supplements will ensure a constant supply of bacteria and hence balancing and reducing stomach discomforts. This is especially convenient for people who find it hard to consume fermented foods like curded because of the hyperacidity it may cause since it requires digestion. Probiotic supplements however are pre-digested.

Fermented foods

One of the best ways of enhancing and improving gut bacteria is through ingestion of foods that contain probiotic bacteria. Lactic acid is the bacteria that makes milk go sour and also ferments vegetables. One need to therefore include naturally fermented foods in their diet to supply the required bacteria and also to create an acidic environment necessary for the survival of already available bacteria. Fermentation process encourages essential bacteria such as lactobacilli because of the lactic acid to flourish. The best fermented foods are yogurt because of its rich probiotic content, sauerkraut because of its preparation by use of water an salt creates a very acidic environment necessary for the flourishing of the gut bacteria. Pickles is another group of fermented foods which is a good source of probiotic bacteria and also in ingestion.

Change of lifestyle

Lifestyle choices influence the balance of bacteria in our guts. Frequent use of antibiotics destroys these useful bacteria. This however doesn’t mean that one has to discontinue their medication. Once one is done with their medication, one should ensure that they take probiotic supplements to restore the goo bacteria back. Misuse of antibiotics should also be avoided at all costs as this could harm the presence of good bacteria. Use of over the counter medications is another risk factor for example mouthwashes and painkillers and antacids can cause corrosion of digestive tracts and hence seepage of the good bacteria into the blood stream. Our sanitation procedures are another risk factor, use of antibacterial soaps causes major destruction of harmful plus the good bacteria is needed by the body.


Fibre is well known for the prevention of constipation. This is because it is a rich source of the probiotic bacteria and it also feeds the intestinal bacteria unlike antibiotics which destroy it. One should therefore increase the intake of fibre rich foods at least twice a day. Healthy vegetables are a rich source of fibre for instance French beans, broccoli, carrots, legumes, beans and whole grains. High fibre diets clean the digestive system whereas low fibre diets are associated with constipation which essentially is as a result of bacterial imbalance.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are used every day as a replacement for sugar. Most people take their coffee with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. The disadvantage however is that this sweetener kills the gut bacteria and this could result in a development of major diseases such as diabetes because of the lack of production of insulin which keeps our sugar levels in check.

Consumption of plant based diets

Going natural especially when it comes to our diet is a step further into a healthy life. Consuming more of plant products instead of animal products is healthy because most of the plant products are a rich source of fibre which is good feeding gut bacteria. Most animal products however destroy the useful bacteria and others like lean meat could cause constipation in the long run. Eating healthy means living healthy.

Food for Thought

No one obviously loves the discomfort that arises due to gut bacterial imbalance such as constipation. Because of this therefore one should maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid destruction of probiotic bacteria. The best way to ensure a clean gut is through dieting, we should ensure that what we ingest is useful to our bodies and not harmful. The above mentioned are ways to enhance good gut bacteria. By following these simple steps, one is assured of a very healthy digestive system.