What is CBD Vape Oil? Here Is What You Need To Know

What is CBD vape oil

Various methods have been explored that users can employ to get their CBD daily supplements. Amongst these methods is the use of CBD vape oil and CBself. Without t taking explaining on the body lightly, this article will provide details on these methods. Taking CBD has become a priority to most individuals following the observed benefits of the substance. Although the research on this compound has not been conclusive, the benefits seem too attractive than the risks. Hence, while it is important to get this compound, it should be noted that the CBD vape on its own contains no oil. This article will inform new users about vaping and how to make the best of the experience.

A Quick Run-Through On CBD & CBD Vape Oil

CBD has become a ubiquitous compound than it was a few years ago. Following the entry of the compound into a legal standing, it has gained a lot of users. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis plant species known to have high CBD content. It is consumed freely because of its non-intoxicating effects. CBD has many routes or means of being consumed, one of which is using vape pens. Vape pen usage is not as general as most methods but is an amazing experience for users. Any oil, either e-liquid or juice, can be vaporized in a vape pen with its active ingredient as CBD, is termed a CBD vape oil.

So, what is CBD vape oil? This is a liquid or oil prepared with a vegetable glycol or another to make the oil vaporize. However, this is different from a normal CBD oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. The basic CBD oil is prepared to be taken in orally and not by using vapes. This oil will not vaporize when used in a vape pen.

Is Vaping CBD Oil Safe For Consumption?

Smokers are always advised to quit because of the possibility of dying young. However, does vaping pose similar threats? Of course not, although vaping has limits and to an apparent extent, it is safe. Unlike smoking, there is less danger to your lungs, and it is useful for addicts. Vaping has been observed to be a more controlled way of turning compounds to smoke. This process also does not require nicotine, and users do not have to worry about getting addicted. Vape CBD oil is safe for consumption but to a threshold.

Chemicals like polyethylene glycol and the likes are added to vape oils to increase how soluble the CBD is. These chemicals can be dangerous to individuals with allergies and sensitive users. In case of any unusual occurrence, seek medical attention immediately. Hence, ensure that your ‘what is CBD vape oil’ research does not interfere with finding safety. Also, to ensure maximum safety, buy from the best CBD oil brands available in the market.

How CBD Vape Oil Is Different From CBD Oil

One of the commonly thrown around words are these two. Most CBD users confuse them and assume that one can be used to replace the other. However, this is untrue, and they are different. Although they have the same active ingredient, which is CBD, their contents and functions differ. First, a CBD vape oil is designed to turn to vapor when in contact with an electric heater. CBD oil, however, does not vaporize on contact. This is due toglycols’e addition in the vape oil, which is absent in the CBD oil. Route of administration is another significant difference in these products. Vape oils are taken using vape pens, which easily turn the oils into smokes and are absorbed readily. CBD oils are rather taken orally; through the mouth. They are available in tinctures and are taken in drops directly into the mouth.

Also, CBD vape oil has been noticed to produce effects within 15 minutes of use or vaping. This is expected since the intake is a direct one that skips liver metabolism. Nevertheless, CBD oil is much slower and could take hours before the effect is noticed. Besides, it undergoes the liver’s first-pass action, which delays the activity. The amount or concentration of CBD that gets deposited into the blood is also lesser when taking CBD oils as the stages of digestion limits the bioavailability.

Types of CBD Vape Oil That You Must Know of

As mentioned earlier, every CBD liquids, juices, and fluid is taken using the vape pen is categorized as vape oil. Many liquids are categorized and designed to serve as CBD vape oils for users. Here are the most common and safe to use:

CBD E-juices

This the most common type of vape oil used by CBD users as it’s the easiest to use. It contains CBD isolate, which is plain CBD, with most of the plant impurities removed. The oil content of this juice is prepared with an amount of CBD that is expected to be taken in during vaping. These mixtures are added with vegetable glycerine and glycol to ensure that the CBD dissolves properly.

These additions are made to make the vaping as expected. Also, flavors are added to improve the product and how attractive it becomes. E-juices are prepared to give users the best vaping experience and safety. The CBD juices are produced from well-cultured hemp plants containing no additive or preservative.

CBD Distillates

The CBD distillate is prepared in cartridges and is different from the e-juice. These products are similar to vape oils but are thicker. The expected content when using this class is closer to the full-spectrum CBD. The distillates contain a broad scale of CBD compounds, including terpenes and other cannabinoids. In distillates, some manufacturers include flavorings and other attractive compounds to improve user experiences.

Which One Should You Pick?

For beginners, it is advised that you use the CBD e-juice as it contains CBD isolates. This juice is sufficient for new users that do not need a strong dose of CBD effect. Using the e-juice is better and easier. However, if the juice is not strong enough and a broader effect is required, using the distillate is the best. The distillate is used in cartridges and is not as easy as the juice but delivers a stronger dose to users.

How CBD Vape Oil Is Generally Consumed

Vaping is done using gadgets known as vaporizers. However, these vaporizers are of different modifications and are designed to suit the user’s taste. The following are used for vaping:

Cigar-Like and Disposable Vaporizers

If you are on the lookout for the stylish kind of vaporizers, this is the one you should check out. This is the category where the CBD disposable vape pen can be found. These vaporizers are designed to function once or for a limited time. They are designed to look like cigarettes and are useful for new users. They are good for people that are hoping to try out vaping.

Vape Pens

These are the most popular of all vaporizers. They are also stylish, light in weight, and easy to use. However, they are not disposable and can last a long time. These pens can be refilled with oils of choice and can fit on your dressings in public places. With this pen, you do not have to worry about being discreet.

Desktop Vaporizers

This is the type that you can call unique in this group. They are bigger than the other types and are in no way discreet. They have a mouthpiece where inhaling and vaping takes place.

CBD vape oil

Benefits of Consuming CBD Vape Oil

What is a vape oil is a common question because of the benefits vaping has. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Vaping is cheaper compared to other methods in the long run. Buying a vape pen is a one-time action that proves beneficial over time.
  • Vaping produces an effect that is faster than most administration methods. Within 15 minutes of vaping, the effect can be felt compared to hours using the oral method.
  • Since vaping does not have to go through digestion, CBD that ends up in the blood is more than oral methods.
  • Vaping has been observed to be effective against seizures, chronic pain, smoking addictions, anxiety, and more.
  • It is modifiable to produce good flavors and provide users with the best vaping experience.
  • It is not intoxicating and will not cause ‘high’ feelings in users.
  • Vape oil is legal in most countries and states.
  • It has been observed to produce relaxing and relief effects on users.

The Legal Factors of Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping is considered as one of the methods of taking CBD. It is legal in the United States and was legalized according to the 2018 Farm Bill.


What is CBD vape oil is a question asked mainly because of the confusion between a vape oil and a CBD oil. Although both oils contain CBD, they can not be substituted. A CBD oil can be taken through the mouth but not by vaping, while the vape oil works with vaping and not orally. Using a vape pen or disposable vaporizer is the common way of using vape oils. This oil is also legal and safe for use in the United States, as ruled by the 2018 Farm Bill.