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What You Need to Know About 8 Forms of Vitamin B in Vital Reds


Vital Reds is one of the mainstay supplements created by Dr. Steven Gundry, a renowned cardiologist whose research has transformed the way many people approach their health and wellness. Dr. Gundry has found that through the use of certain nutrients to their highest potential, you can take back power over your body and live a healthier, full life. 

Vital Reds has worked for many people to improve their wellness by using a variety of nutritional ingredients. Adding these nutrients help you see an improvement in various aspects of your health. Different supplements work in different ways. Some are simple vitamins. Others combine different herbs, minerals, amino acids, or others, to achieve a certain effect.

Vital Reds uses four unique blends of ingredients:

A polyphenol blend that contains thirty-four free radical-fighting superfruits that promote the complete health of the body. (Read more about Vital Reds’ polyphenol blend.)

blend of probiotics that encourages healthy digestion, as well as immune and mood-boosting properties. 

metabolic boosting blend to support a healthy weight. 

mix of vitamins and minerals with eight different forms of vitamin B to promote levels of energy. 

More on the Importance of Vitamin B

Dr. Gundry has chosen to specifically give attention to vitamin B in the vitamin blend of his Vital Reds health supplement. In fact, Vital Reds contains eight different kinds of vitamin B. Obviously, Dr. Gundry believes that vitamin B in all its forms is important for optimum health. In addition to the fact, the vitamin B family is in charge of an incredibly diverse mixture of functions in your body. For any little more clarity on what each form of vitamin B included in Vital Reds does, keep reading. 

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Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamin, this vitamin helps your cells transform the carbs you get from food into energy for your body. This energy is especially important for your brain and nervous system. 

Research is beginning to show that thiamin can help support the health of your heart, maintain healthy glucose levels, and increase cognitive function. Without enough thiamin, you might experience confusion, weakness, and complications with memory. 

Vitamin B2: Also known as riboflavin, riboflavin helps your body absorb flat iron. Riboflavin also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and glucose levels. An insufficiency in riboflavin is associated with intestinal problems, intellectual issues, and skin disorders. 

Vitamin B3: This form of vitamin B is also known as niacin or nicotinic acid. Vitamin B3 is of great importance when considering to heart health. Supplementation of this vitamin has been associated with improvement in cholesterol levels, as well as the health of the arteries.

Vitamin B5: Otherwise known as pantothenic acid, this vitamin assists in fatty acid metabolism and is essential to almost all kinds of life. A diet devoid of pantothenic acid can bring about irritability, tiredness, sleep issues, gastrointestinal failure, muscle cramps, and sugars sensitivity. 

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 participates in over 100 biochemical reactions in the body. This multi-tasking vitamin is necessary to the metabolism of sugars, fats, and amino acids. It also helps produce neurotransmitters, so your brain can speak with your body effectively. A deficiency of vitamin B6 has been associated with cognitive dysfunction, aerobic problems, and other serious health issues.


Vitamin B7: This vitamin is well-known as biotin. You may be acquainted biotin, as a supplement designed to promote healthy hair and nail growth, it has some inner benefits as well. Analyses have shown that biotin can help maintain blood glucose and blood lipid levels. 

Vitamin B9: This form of vitamin B is more commonly called folate or folic acid. Folate is involved in many reactions as part of your body’s cellular material. Without enough of this vitamin, you may experience problems with mood or reduced levels of iron in the body. 

Vitamin B12: Likewise known as cobalamin, nutritional B12 helps synthesize DNA. Vitamin B12 is also essential for the health of the mitochondria, which is in charge of producing cell energy. 

Seniors and women of childbearing time are especially prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. And it’s important to keep vitamin B12 levels up — as deficits are associated with a decrease in bone and cardiovascular system health, as well as cognitive problems. 

Vital Reds: A Vitamin B-Boosting Affair. 

The vitamin B family functions an almost dizzying variety of functions in the individual body. Without enough levels of all 8 B vitamins, your body is sure to get started exhibiting some unwanted side effects. It’s no surprise Dr. Gundry decided to utilize the potent properties of B vitamins. 

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Should you be ready to turn your health into the right way you might want to order a jar of Vital Reds. Purchasing the supplement is a risk-free move, because the product can be returned within 90-days. However, the Gundry MD team is sure in their belief that Vital Reds can transform your health.